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GiuFe | GiuFè | Emozioni d'arte
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Painting and jewels have the leading role in GiuFè’s story. GiuFè is a made in Italy brand born in 2009 from the creativity of the Sicilian designer Giusy Ferrara. Connecting her passions was the key to create exclusive creations of an unmistakable style, a luxurious and artistic style. Art draw Giusy’s attention since she was a little girl, leading her to arts high school in Trapani and then to the Accademia D’arte(School of Fine Arts) in Florence. She started working with jewels in a workshop in Scandicci where she learns the art of unique, handmade pieces of jewellery. Lead by her creative vocation, she started searching for new styles and materials for her creations finding in paintings the perfect match for their property of being like a canvas to embellish with precious element. Creations are made from tiny irregular multi-coloured pieces of canvas assembled by silver, gold or steel wires and embellished with stones, glass, pearls and crystals that turns the work in a precious piece of jewellery. The idea is patented and every creation has a certificate reporting the serial number and a picture of the painting from which the pieces of canvas for the jewel are taken to prove the creative process behind the result.
Art, experimentation, splendour, emotion: these are the keywords that define GiuFè’s path, a beautiful story of passion and art born in Sicily, now known and loved worldwide.



Each piece is designed in detail and exclusively handmade. Pearls, crystals and stones of various materials, colours and shapes embellish the piece of canvas, and are assembled subverting the strict rules of technical perfection and privileging the uniqueness of Italian creativity and design. Unique pieces of art that gain value over time. GiuFè can also make personalised jewels to please any costumer’s needs.